Ahmet ÖNAL

Ahmet ÖNAL
Responsible for the Following Institutions / Districts

Ministry Of European Union Affairs

  1. Procedures related to subsidiary units of Ministry of European Union Affairs


Ministry Of Interior

  1. Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects
  2. EU and Foreign Affairs Center
  3. Tasks and procedures related to social media
  4. Provincial Directorate of Press and Public Relations
  5. Governorship Reception Bureau of Public Relations
  6. Istanbul Minimization of Seismic Hazard and Emergency Preparation Project (İSMEP)


Ministry Of Family And Social Policies

  1. Tasks and procedures related to Istanbul Foundation for Children


Ministry Of Development

  1. Istanbul Development Agency


Ministry Of Food, Agriculture And Livestock

  1. Units related to Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
  2. General Directorate of Meat and Fish Authority
  3. General Directorate of Tea Enterprises
  4. Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority
  5. Procedures related to Aquacultural Resources
  6. Procedures related to Food Safety
  7. Procedures related to protection of livestock
  8. Committee of Horse Racing Commissaries


Ministry Of Health

  1. Department of Fighting against Addictive Substance Commission
  2. Tracking of practices oriented to fight against narcotic addiction


Districts :

  1. Küçükçekmece
  2. Arnavutköy