Responsible for the Following Institutions / Districts

Subsidiaries Of Prime Minister’s Office And Deputy Prime Ministers

    1. Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency
    2. Earthquake Advisory Board
    3. Provincial Committee of Rescue and Help
    4. Provincial Committee of Evaluation and Tracking of Crises
    5. Collaboration and Coordination with Voluntary Agencies in issues concerning natural disasters


Ministry Of Interior

  1. Provincial Directorate of Planning and Coordination
  2. Department of Damage Determination Commission (Law no 5233)

Ministry Of Environment And Urbanization

  1. Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization
    1. Central Hunting Commission
    2. Provincial Department of Local Environment Board
    3. Procedures regarding General Directorate of Protection of Natural Heritage
  2. Department of Private Environment Protection Institution
  3. Operations and procedures related to Department of Istanbul Environment Foundation
  4. Istanbul Regional Directorate of Provincial Bank (İller Bankası)
  5. 2nd Regional Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster
  6. Immigrant rights
  7. Immigrant residences
  8. Works related to urban transformation



  1. Bagcilar
  2. Catalca
  3. Silivri