Grand Bazaar, located partly on Beyazit, Nuruosmaniye and Mercan neighbourhoods in the centre of Istanbul is the largest shopping mall and one of the oldest covered bazaars in the world. Grand Bazaar is a gigantic labyrinthine building complex with 60 passages and 4000 shops. In the busiest trade hours during midday it hosts nearly half a million visitors. Grand Bazaar is listed No.1 among world's most-visited tourist attractions with 91 million annual foreign visitors.

The main gates of Grand Bazaar are named as Beyazit, Fesçiler (fez sellers), Sahaflar (old book sellers), Kürkçüler (furriers), Nuruosmaniye, Mahmutpasha, Mercan (Coral), Tacirciler (merchants) and Örücüler (wickers).