Nuruosmaniye Mosque is the first mosque built in Ottoman Baroque style in Istanbul. It is located in the Çemberlitaş neighbourhood near the entrance of Grand Bazaar. It was built between 1748 and 1755. The mosque and its complex are pivotal in the history of the Ottoman architecture as it was built during the period with signs of westernisation starting in architectural tradition of the Empire. It was named Nuruosmaniye Mosque, meaning "The light of Osman", after Sultan Osman III who ordered the building, but also because of its many windows which lets a lot of light inside the mosque's hall.

Nuruosmaniye Mosque is surrounded with a spacious courtyard with two gates. The complex consists of a sebil (fountain), madrasa (Islamic school), imaret (soup kitchen), muvakkit’s (timekeeper’s) chamber, library, han (trade centre) and surrounding shops.