Süleymaniye Mosque and complex were built by Architect Sinan upon the order of Suleiman the Magnificent between 1520 and 1566. The building complex which represents the unification of art and political power in the names of Architect Sinan and Suleiman the Magnificent is a symbol of the classical period as a masterpiece of architectural planning but also with its economic and cultural functions. The mosque named after the greatest Ottoman sultan, Suleiman the Magnificeint is not only a jewel of Ottoman architecture but also an outstanding masterpiece of the world’s architectural heritage.

The complex consists of several buildings with different functions. All of them are lined up in U-shape with the mosque in the centre. The buildings for social services like hospital, school, trade centre, soup kitchen and fountains are built as a foundation. A complex as huge as Süleymaniye has never been seen again after the 16th century.