The Archaeological Museum

On the first floor of the Archaeological Museum there are ancient sculptures from Archaic Period to Roman Period exhibited on the right wing and world famous masterworks like the Alexander Sarcophagus, the Sarcophagus of Crying Women and the Tabnit Sarcophagus from necropolis of Sidon exhibited on the left wing. In the upper storey of the two-storey building there are the Treasury Department, Non-Islamic and Islamic Coins Cabinets and the library.

The "Surrounding Cultures of İstanbul" section, which was opened in the cellar of the new building in 1998, is a hall where artefacts from various ages found during excavations at the surrounding archaeological sites and tumuli. It has sub-sections of "Thrace-Bithynia and Byzantium". The ground floor of the new building hosts the "Children's Museum" exhibition.

The "İstanbul Through the Ages" collection is exhibited on the first floor of the new building, the "Anatolia and Troy Through the Ages" collection on the second floor and the "Surrounding Cultures of Anatolia: Artefacts from Syria, Palestine and Cyprus" collection on the third floor, in chronological order.