101 ISTANBUL FLAVORS FESTIVAL TO BE HELD ON APRIL 29 Like everything else in Istanbul, food and food culture also bear the traces of two empires, dozens of nations and thousands of years. In this grand city, which has one of the richest food cultures in the world, it is possible to find a Turkish dish made with its 300-year-old recipie, as well as the most delicious dishes of the Far East or South America.

The 101 Istanbul Flavors Festival, which has been started in order to present this variety to food lovers, will be organized for the sixth time this year, on Sunday, April 29. The festival will bring the food enthusiasts the most special and indispensable flavors of Istanbul, carefully selected snacks from exquisite menus of elite restaurants, and the street tastes that are synonymous with the city. The Marmara Esma Sultan in Ortaköy will host the festival.

In the scope of the festival, food lovers will we able to taste countless flavors from Turkish and world cuisines. Besides the dishes, the best of coffee, tea, ice cream and chocolate will also be waiting for visitors at the festival.

In addition, Şemsa Denizsel and Refika Birgül, who are among the most famous chefs in Istanbul, will meet with visitors at the 101 Istanbul Flavors Festival this year.

Organized by Time Out Istanbul, the 101 Istanbul Flavors Festival will present the guests with both the best tastes of the city and countless various eating and drinking experiences. Cümbüş Cemaat, one of the best music bands in Istanbul, will entertain the guests with their songs this year. The festival will end with the evening party at sunset.

For detailed information about the festival: www.101istanbullezzeti.com