37. ISTANBUL FILM FESTIVAL Starting on April 6th, the 37th Istanbul Film Festival will present a rich program to the filmgoers this year, from virtuoso directors' new films to young masters and from classic masterpieces to films that push the boundaries of creativity. Nearly 180 films in almost 20 sections, as well as interviews and workshops, festival talks and special events will be held for 12 days in Istanbul for cinema enthusiasts.

The 37th Istanbul Film Festival salutes the audience with rich sections this year again. "Galas", where famous stars meet master directors, and "Best of the Fests", which brings best works that won awards from international festivals around the world will take place in the festival program.

"Challenging the Year", featuring the latest films of master directors who are still leading the world cinema; Young Masters, which brings together directors who draw attention at international festivals with their first or second films; "Mined Zone", the indispensable area of the explorers, and "Cinemania", where restored masterpieces meet cult films are also included in the festival.

Special sections like "Bergman: 100 Years", which celebrates Ingmar Bergman's 100th anniversary of birth, meet with the festival audience this year, along with the sections that the festival followers are curiously waiting, such as "Antidepressant", which takes life lightly, amuses while puzzling, looks at the universe and the humor from twisted angles; "Musicians" that brings together the stories of those who make music an integral part of their life; "Hidden Gems" that reveal hidden, lost ores with little known presence, and "Documentary Time with NTV", which approaches social changes and documents the facts.

This year's screenings of the Istanbul Film Festival will be held at the Atlas Cinema, Beyoglu Cinema, Pera Museum in Beyoğlu; Cinemaximum City in Nişantaşı and, Rexx and Kadıköy Cinemas in Kadıköy. This year, The Yapı Kredi Culture Center, which has been recenlty renewed and revitalized the Beyoğlu cultural life, will be the festival center of the 37th Istanbul Film Festival. The center that will host the press meetings, sector gatherigns, festival talks, seminars and other events, will also be the heart of the festival.

 For more information about the festival http://film.iksv.org/en