A BRIEF JOURNEY TO CINEMA AND HISTORY: "BEYKOZ KUNDURA RESTORED MOVIE DAYS" STARTS Beykoz Kundura Restored Movie Days, organized by Beykoz Kundura in collaboration with Istanbul Silent Movie Days, hosts filmgoers at the open air screenings, consisting of carefully selected movies from the history of cinema.

Established in 1810 as a leather factory, the facility was named Sumerbank Leather and Shoe Factory in 1933. It continued to produce leather and shoe up until 1999. Playing a crucial role in the industrialization attempts of both the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey that followed it, the factory also bears an exceptional place in the cultural memory of Turkey.

After the privatization in 2005, the facility was named as Beykoz Kundura and in twelve years since then, thanks to its well-preserved historical setting, it has been evolved into a movie set preferred by the Turkish movie and TV industries. Organized for the first time this year, Beykoz Kundura Restored Movie Days underlines the transformation of Beykoz Kundura, where the restoration projects still continue, into an arts center. The films picked for the program salute not only the history of cinema, but the spirit of Beykoz Shoe Factory as well.

The program starts with three movies that will be shown in the evening of August 5. A two-minute selection consisting of clips shot between 1895 and 1897 by the Lumière Brothers, who were among the pioneers of the art of cinema, will be shown with live music. It will be followed by Harun Foracki’s Lumière-inspired movie Workers Leaving the Factory. The last movie of the opening day is Charlie Chaplin’s silent masterpiece, Modern Times, which will also be shown with live music.

At the screenings that will be held in the evenings of August 6, 11, 12 and 13, filmgoers could enjoy a rich selection of movies ranging from Fritz Lang’s immortal movie Metropolis to Orson Welles’ Too Much Johnson, from Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki’s The Match Factory Girl to Shoes by Lois Weber, the first female director of the United States.

In the course of Beykoz Kundura Movie Days the doors will be opened at 19.30, and the screenings will start at 21.00. For the screening program you can visit https://www.restore.film