BIRD’S-EYE VIEW OF ISTANBUL Twice every year, a grand migration occurs, which very few of us witness. All over the world, billions of birds from four thousand species migrate from south to north in spring, and from south to north in fall. Almost thirty of those species fly over the Bosphorus in the course of their migration.

If you want to watch this magnificent event of nature in Istanbul, you can climb up to a high hill with your binoculars in your hand. Or, as ever-growing number of birdwatchers do nowadays, you can visit Feneryolu Birdwatching Tower at Sarıyer.

Opened in November 2015, Feneryolu Birdwatching Tower is located on the road from Sarıyer to Rumeli Feneri. Among the regular visitors of the tower, which is a part of in Sarıyer Feneryolu Wildlife Development Area, are academicians that focus on birdwatching, amateur birdwatchers, and tourists who travel with the aim of watching birds. However, it is possible to come across with people at the tower, who are eager to watch, not only the birds, but the stunning view of the Bosphorus as well, just like a bird from up above.

Reached upon walking through a three-hundred-meter path, the tower also has an education center at the entrance, from which anybody who is curious about the wildlife can benefit.

From March to May and from August to October, almost thirty bird species, including storks, eagles, hawks, sparrowhawks, falcons, vultures and black kites migrate to warm lands passing through the Bosphorus. And Feneryolu Birdwatching Tower is waiting for the visitors who would want to witness, even for a short period of time, the long journey of the migratory birds, and to watch Istanbul from yet another hill.