DISTRICT STATS OF ISTANBUL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS The Mahallem (My District) Istanbul project, realized by the Faculty of Economics in Istanbul University, with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency, offers an in-depth analysis of Istanbul's districts via its website at http://www.mahallemistanbul.com and mobile applications.

The project, consisting of three main sections, has started with the aim of "designing a map-based database and information system for Istanbul, including statistics, visual files, etc., about urban/public services at the district level that will be available through a website and mobile applications".

In the Mahallem POI (My District POI) section, it is possible to access map-based information about public spaces and buildings the Istanbulites may need, such as hospitals, cinemas, subway stations, market places, parks and banks.

The Mahallem SEGE (Socio-Economic Development Index) section provides access to detailed, district-based information on dozens of categories and sub-categories, including population structure, education infrastructure, transportation, economic situation, social life and health. In this section, data on a wide range of subjects –spanning from the total number of students to population density, or from university graduates to average square-meter prices of houses for sale– is provided to not only the residents of Istanbul, but the professionals who may benefit this data as well.

The Mahallem INFO, the third section of the Mahallem Istanbul project, translates basic statistics on every district in Istanbul into easy-to-understand graphics.

Among the supporters of the project are also the Governorship of Istanbul and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The mobile applications can be reached through the following links.

Mahallem İstanbul iOS Application

Mahallem İstanbul Android Application