EID AL-FITR MESSAGE Esteemed Istanbulites: Religious feasts are special days that enhance the feelings of unity, solidarity and fraternity; that open hearts and when people forget about their resentments; that refresh noble values such as love, respect, compassion and humanity. They are the cornerstones of our national unity and integrity.

These days, as we continue our determined battle against the curse called terrorism that targets our national stability, we will no doubt celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan with heavy hearts due to the martyrs we lost in the malicious attack. However, even though we are full of sorrow, we will keep the memory of our precious martyrs in our hearts, and our heads will be held high as we are filled with hope and dignity. Because this nation has never in its history yielded to tyranny and violence, and nor shall it now. And we will eternally commemorate our beloved martyrs, who gave their lives without blinking for their country, nation and flag; and also our injured people as heroes, with praise and gratitude.

Using the occasion of this feast, along with our loved ones and relatives, let us visit those people who are alone or in need, the families of the martyrs and the injured in order to share in their pain, and to relieve them as much as we can. Let us commiserate with them and strive to solve their problems, to pay our duty of loyalty and gratitude to some extent.

Dear Istanbulites, I would like to remind those who will be on the road this holiday to follow the traffic rules so as not to turn the joy of the feast into a calamity. I hope Eid al-Fitr brings serenity and peace to our country and to the entire world, and I would like to celebrate Eid al-Fitr especially for the families of our martyrs and injured ones, for our nation and for the world of Islam. I am sending my regards and respect.