FIELD TRAINING FOR TOURIST GUIDES More than 10 million tourists come to Istanbul each year. One of the training programs held to improve the crafts of the tourist guides, who are serving these tourists, was organized by Eyüp Municipality at the end of September.

Within the scope of Eyüp Sultan Historical Center (ESTAM) project, Eyüp Sultan Historical Center Guidance and Guidance Specialization Training, field trainings were carried out with the contributions of Prime Ministry Directorate General of Foundations and İstanbul Chamber of Tourist Guides (IRO).

After completing the theoretical trainings, 47 professional guides with badges went to the field and practiced. In the training trips accompanied by the experts on Eyüp Sultan and the historical center, historical and touristic sites were visited, and the tourist guides were informed.

On the first day of field training, Eyüp Sultan Mosque and its surroundings were visited together with Caferpaşa Madrasa, Uzbek Lodge, Historical Children’s School, Lal-i Zade Abdulbaki Efendi Tomb, Saç Abdül Kadir Mosque, Üryanizade Ahmed Esad Efendi Tomb, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Tomb and Siyavuş Pasha Tomb.

Ayvansaray, Kızılmescid route, Golden Horn, Idris Hill, Pierre Loti, Eyüp Cemetery and other places in the excursion were also visited during the trainings.

The training program ended with the exam.