IN DECEMBER KUNDURA CINEMA FEAUTRES CITIES Established as tannery in 1810, Beykoz Leather and Shoe Factory (Beykoz Deri ve Kundura Fabrikası, in Turkish) was one of the oldest factories in Istanbul. In its heyday, Beykoz Kundura, one of the rare examples of industrial cultural heritage in Turkey that had operated continuously from the Ottomans to the Republic, held regular film screenings, and the factory’s cinema programme provided an important cultural experience to the daily lives of its workers and the people of Beykoz. Recently, keeping the history and the tradition of the venue in mind, part of the Boiler Room, which formed the heart of the factory complex, has been restored for the Kundura Cinema project to serve as a movie theater.

Saluting the audience this year with the screenings held under the titles "Nightmares Under Snow" and "A Midsummer’s Night Cinema", Kundura Cinema welcomes guests, as a unique venue thinking, talking about films, and providing alternative perspectives on cinema, with its exclusive curatorial content, thematic programmes, and side events.

Kundura Cinema’s 2018-2019 selection will focus on films traveling around cities, taking audiences on a journey to all corners of the world, from the first modern cities to the present, from huge metropolises to dystopian cities of the future, from New York to Paris, from Berlin to Mexico, from Tokyo to Istanbul. 

Inviting the audience to look at past, present and future from cities in different parts of the world, Kundura Cinema screens important movies from the history of cinema, as well as documentaries and short films in its historical atmosphere. The programme includes masterpieces never previously screened in Turkey, with titles selected from diverse cinematic genres ranging from narrative to experimental, drama to comedy and film noir to science fiction. 

In the scope of the December screenings at Kundura Cinema; The Naked City (1948), Trafic (1971), The Apartment (1960), and Play Time (1967) will be shown on 22, 23, 29 and 30 December, at 16.00 and 20.00.

For detailed information about the screening program and movies: https://www.kundurasinema.com/