"INVEST IN ISTANBUL" SPREADS TO TURKEY Istanbul Development Agency's service office for foreign investors, Invest in Istanbul is spreading to Turkey as a successful project. In this context, representatives from development agencies came to Istanbul to share experiences.

General secretaries, coordinators and experts from Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency, Eastern Marmara Development Agency, Çukurova Development Agency, Western Mediterranean Development Agency, Trakya Development Agency, Silk Road Development Agency, İzmir Development Agency and Mevlana Development Agency were hosted at the Istanbul Development Agency for a day.

Within the scope of the technical meetings held at the Invest in Istanbul office, the participants were given information about the organizational stage, digital infrastructure, services and operations of the One-Stop Office. The participants from the development agencies then visited the Invest in Istanbul Office.

Invest in Istanbul, which enables the foreign investors to solve all the bureaucratic procedures from one center, has been providing service for 6 months. Representatives of 8 different public institutions from the Governorship of Istanbul to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the General Directorate of Immigration Administration, and the Ministry of Finance carry out and complete the procedures for the investors in minutes at the One-Stop Office, which the Ministry of Development launched as a pilot application in Istanbul. Invest in Istanbul has served foreign investors from 26 different countries so far.

Invest in Istanbul brings together the wide range of businesses to share best practice, collaborate and innovate. Besides, the organization is responsible for informing and guiding investors about issues such as setting up businesses, taking necessary measures to overcome obstacles that investors encounter in the city, as well as the investment incentives, business opportunities and networking.

As a model Invest in Istanbul is also attracting attention in the world. The One-Stop Office has been named as one of the world's most successful examples in its category, together with the UK and Japan, at the World Investment Conference in Dubai. Also, at the World Angel Investors Congress, the Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan was presented with a prize for his contribution to the Regional Development with the Invest in Istanbul project.

Invest in Istanbul was also invited to the "Digital One-Stop Office for Investors" event that was held between 20-23 March 2018 under the coordination of Kosta Rika Investment Support and Promotion Agency.

For detailed information please visit  http://invest.istanbul/