INVESTORS MEET STARTUPS WITH TURKISH AIRLINES’ INVEST ON BOARD PROGRAM Invest On Board is a worldwide program that allows investors to meet startups while onboard sitting on their seats.

Started in 2013, Invest On Board has been realised in partnership with eTohum, a program which aims to introduce new entrepreneurs into the marketplace, and startup ideas into the skies on Turkish Airlines flights. Using the Turkish Airlines’ In-Flight Entertainment system ‘Planet’, which offers films, short programs, music, radio channels, games, and live flight information to passengers in an interactive, digital touchscreen, investors are also able to browse through video pitches to encounter the next big idea. These ideas are renewed in Turkish Airlines’ Planet system on a monthly basis.

Away from their busy offices and regular workdays, Invest On Board gives investors the opportunity to encounter the next big business in an easy, accessible format, and startups get a chance to grow without having to search for the perfect investor. New startups can apply to Invest On Board to be periodically included in newer video pitch releases.

The program also aims to further promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Turkey in a fresh and noticeable way with an unconventional, distinctive and modern message.

The promo video of Invest on Board can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AhJLEKIN3w

For more info about the program you can visit www.investonboard.com