RAMADAN IN ISTANBUL The holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims will fast for a month, begins on Saturday, May 27th. Ramadan events organized every year by the Istanbul Municipality are held this year in Sultanahmet Square, Beyazit Square, Yenikapı Coast and Maltepe Coast.

The Yenikapı Coastal Activity Area, built on a space of 700 thousand square meters in Yenikapı Coast, is hosting the Ramadan events at the European side. Just like in Yenikapı Coast, Sufi music performances will be held in Maltepe Coast before and after iftar (the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset) and also after Teravih Prayer during the Ramadan. In both event areas, there will be numerous activities from the theater to the open-air summer cinema, from the stage shows to the Orta Oyunu and Hacivat-Karagöz shows. Visitors will also be able to taste traditional cuisine from hot meals to kebabs, from ice cream to kunefe at the Bazaar, set up in the activity areas.

The historic Sultanahmet Square, where Istanbulites shows great interest during this holy month, has been reorganized for the Ramadan. At the Sultanahmet Square, centuries-old tastes and arts will be presented to visitors.

With the arrangement made in accordance with the historical landscape of Sultanahmet Square, tourists will experience the privilege of being in Istanbul, a blessed city where spirituality is shaped by history. During the month of Ramadan, in the Bazaar established at the square, the product presentations of the companies that are identified with Istanbul will be held and the old, forgotten crafts and arts will be introduced.

The visitors will have the chance to witness the details of crafts and arts such as glass workmanship, marbling, tile making, calligraphy, miniature painting and needlework from the masters, at the Bazaar where stands of these arts are installed.

Also, historical Beyazıt Square will host the 36th Turkish Book and Culture Fair in addition to events like poetry readings, Sufi dance performances and traditional performing arts. Two-hundred publishing houses will be participating at the fair, which is organized by one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's affiliates, Kültür A.Ş., together with the Religious Foundation of Turkey. Ramadan Talks will also be held during the fair. Twenty-six writers will participate in the talks that will be hosted by Beyazıt State Library and will run until the Laylat al-Qadr in June 21st.