STARS BENEATH STARS There are two types of stars: the ones hanging on vivid night skies and those appear on the wide, luminous screens of half-dark movie theaters. The outdoor cinemas, whose numbers have recently increased in İstanbul, provide an occasion for the film lovers to watch the stars, both on sky and on earth, at summer nights.

The screenings at UNIQ İstanbul Outdoor Venue, at Sarıyer, that began on August 1, with the French star Juliette Binoche’s last film L’attesa, will continue until September 5. Sixteen films, most of which have been awarded in international movie festivals, will be shown in the program, including the recent examples of Turkish independent movies; Rüzgarın Hatıraları (Memories of the Wind), Toz Bezi (Dust Cloth) and Sarmaşık (Ivy).

The film lovers who like superheroes, modern tales, timeless stories and angry birds will find what they are looking for at the outdoor cinema of Zorlu Center. In the program ending on August 25, the seventh movie in the fort-year-old Star Wars series, Star Wars: Force Awakens will be shown along with Alice Through the Looking GlassBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Angry Birds.

The eighty-one-year old American writer & director Woody Allen’s fifty-third movie, Café Society could be seen on August 15, at 21.30, at Deniz Private Cinecity Outdoor Cinema. Together with two young stars of Hollywood, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg, it is possible to watch Shirley Laine in Café Society as well, whom a certain generation will remember as Laura Palmer in the cult TV series Twin Peaks. Also in the program, Suicide Squad (August 14, 17) and the last installment of the famous animation series, Ice Age: Collision Course (August 16) will be shown.

Besides these options, cinema goers will be able to watch two movies for free, that will be shown on August 17 and 24, at the rooftop outdoor cinema of Akmerkez.