THE GENIUS IN ISTANBUL: LEONARDO DA VINCI EXHIBITION The largest and most comprehensive Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in the world, Leonardo da Vinci Expo: Genius in Istanbul, opens on 14 December at the UNIQ Museum in UNIQ Istanbul.

The exhibition has first started in Brugge, and Istanbul will be the first stop on its world tour. Leonardo da Vinci Expo: Genius in Istanbul exhibition, which includes 100 replicas created according to Da Vinci's original sketches together with original handwritings, paintings and drawings, will continue until April 7, 2018.

A team of 22, consisting of engineers, historians, graphic artists and artisans from Belgium and Luxembourg, prepared the exhibition after a rigorous 10 years of work. The most important feature of the world's largest "Leonardo da Vinci Machines Collection" that is displayed in the exhibition is the replicas, made of wood and metal, depending on the original designs. There is not a single screw in the replicas, where no industrial binder is used. Some of these works, which have been made according to the original sketches of Da Vinci, are in their original dimensions while the sizes of the rest vary from 60 cm to 5 meters.

The most important item of the exhibition is the 7-meter-long replica of the Golden Horn Bridge that Da Vinci wanted to build during the Sultan Bayezid II period. In 1502, Da Vinci wanted to build the biggest and most beautiful bridge in the world and sent the Ottoman sultan a letter regarding his intention to build the bridge, but the bridge could not be constructed. His bridge was built as an overpass in Norway in 2001. Ice models of the bridge are also exhibited in various parts of the world to draw attention to global warming.

For more info about the exhibition: http://www.uniqistanbul.com/event/leonardo-da-vinci-expo-dahi-istanbulda/