In an interview held recently, The Governor of İstanbul, Vasip Şahin talked to TRT World regarding the failed coup attempt and afterwards. Here’s a brief excerpt of the interview:



How did you find out about the coup attempt?

Upon receiving a phone call from the provincial police chief around 9 pm, I got in touch with the 1st Army Commander and discussed this matter. He wasn't fully aware of what was going on at the time either. We then decided to meet to look into the matter and I immediately left my house to the Bosphorus Bridge. Three of us did a quick assessment by looking at the different situations across İstanbul and took precautions accordingly.

I would like emphasize on one fact; the coup was aimed at our country, our country's administration, president, elected government and parliament. It was an attempt against people's integrity and tranquility and cannot be explained in any other way. I would especially like to thank our citizens. They stood up for their democracy, their government and freedom.

How would this effect the people of İstanbul?
Normal daily life will not effected in any way, whether it be social life or economic activities. Life will continue to be the same in İstanbul and in Turkey

State of Emergency grants more powers for district governors. What does that mean exactly?
The authority given to governorships is to ensure that those involved in the coup attempt and this betrayal are identified and delivered to judicial authorities, and to ensure that their trials are carried out justly as well as to speed up the judicial process, in case of any other unfavorable events. In addition, we will not give way to the arbitrary decisions and this act will not lead to restrictions of anyone's human rights.

Is there a threat of another coup?

We as the government are in control of the situation as of now. Our precautionary measures are strong. We do not regard another attempt and an uprising as likely from this point on.

Should the expats be concerned about anything here?
They do not need to feel the slightest hesitation in that sense. We have special precautions in place especially for our foreign guests and tourists, which is why I can tell them to rest at ease.