VODAFONE 39th ISTANBUL MARATHON TO BE HELD ON SUNDAY The Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, Turkey's most important international running event and the first race in the world that is run between two continents, will be held for the 39th time on Sunday, 12 November.

Organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Sports Istanbul, the 39th Istanbul Marathon will be run with the name sponsorship of Vodafone, under the theme "We are running for the future of our children". Approximately 30 thousand athletes are expected to participate in the Vodafone 39th Istanbul Marathon, at which hundreds of thousands of Istanbulites will also walk from Asia to Europe.

Held every year since 1979, the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon consists of four categories; Marathon (42,195 km), 15-kilometer Run, 10-kilometer Run and Public Run. Awarded with the title of "Golden Category" by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in 2012, the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon is one of the 11 best marathons in Europe and one of the 22 best marathons in the world.

Seventy-three top class athletes, twenty-four of which are Turkish, will participate this year’s marathon, where Kenyan Paul Lonyangata in men and Kenyan Agnes Jeruto Barsosio in women are regarded as favorites. While Lonyangata won the first place in the 2017 Paris Marathon, Barsosio took the first place in Istanbul last year.

The athletes running for the first place in the marathon will be coming from top marathon countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and Namibia, as well as from European countries with strong marathon tradition, such as Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. The track and attendance records are expected to be broken at the Vodafone 39th Istanbul Marathon.

For more information: https://www.maraton.istanbul/home-page