WORLD’S SECOND BIGGEST ANIMAL CARE CENTER OPENS IN ISTANBUL Tepeören Animal Care Center, the world’s second biggest shelter for stray animals has been opened.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Tepeören Animal Care Center, Istanbul Mayor Mevlut Uysal said, "At times, public authorities or people who are scared of animals cannot understand animal lovers. Eventually, animals suffer. We want nobody to act hostile towards animals. If you need help, call 153 and our municipality will do what is necessary. If our fellow citizens have animals, they can visit our animal hospital and shelters. We also want our people who have zoophobia to make friends with animals here, in a controlled environment."

Mevlut Uysal has pointed out that Tepeören Animal Care Center is the second biggest temporary shelter for animals in the world, and Kısırkaya Animal Care Center, operated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB), is the biggest and the most modern shelter.

As one of the five shelters for stray animals of IBB, Tepeören facility is the world’s second largest animal care center and living space with its care center for stray animals and gardened space. The facility has an area of 202,000 square-meters and an animal capacity of 1,240. Tepeören Animal Care Center operates 24/7 with its staff of 108 people including 22 veterinarians. The center has 350 cat houses, 2 treatment buildings, 8  x 20 composite dog shelters, 2 quarantine buildings, 1 food storehouse and areas for walking dogs. The shelter providesservices for cats, dogs and livestock animals, and also carries out the treatment of wild animals.

Tepeören Animal Care Center features a laboratory, neutering operations units, sterilization unit, dentivet (dental health unit), pet bath (dog bathing unit), osteosynthesis unit (surgery to maintain bone integrity), and  x-ray and ultrasound devices. The facility can feed up to 450 animals a day on the open field. The center has 80-seat conference hall, educational building, cafeteria, voice guidance for the disabled, memorial wall, parking lot, walking trail and landscaping areas.