YEDİTEPE BIENNIAL CONTINUES The Yeditepe Biennale, opened in Hagia Sophia on March 31, continues with more than 600 artists from different fields and almost 3 thousand art works. The governorship of Istanbul being among its supporters, the biennial hosts more than 100 projects in 30 historic venues such as the Mediterranean Madrasas, Archeology Museum, Hagia Irene, Beyazit Square, Tiled Kiosk and Grand Bazaar.

The main theme of the Yeditepe Biennial, which will continue until May 15, is "Ehl-i Hiref". The word "hiref", the plural of the word "hirfet" that means art and labor, was used as a word expressing art and crafts together in the Ottoman Turkish. Almost every kind of production based on manual labor was evaluated within the scope of "hiref" and the producers were called "ehl-i hiref" (artits/craftsman). With this theme, the Yeditepe Biennial aims to illustrate how the "Ehl-i Hiref Organization" itself had a function and impact beyond the ages. Its aim is also to show the point where the traditional Ottoman-Turkish arts, which constitutes the basis of the Ehl-i Hiref Organization, have arrived today, and the ways in which tradition influences the works produced in contemporary art forms.

The biennial has five sub-themes: "Every Aspect of a Flower", "Like a Bird", "About Istanbul", "Flawless Repetition" and "Overflowing from the Place".

Within the scope of the Yedidepe Biennial, seminars, panels, conferences, open sessions, film screenings, music performances, indoor and outdoor installation workshops, workshop studies and commemoration programs for traditional arts masters will be organized in addition to international and personal exhibitions.

The Yeditepe Biennial, will also host expert guests at various sessions at the symposium entitled "Tradition in Future", circling around the question "From where to where?".

For more information about the Yeditepe Biennial, please visit http://www.yeditepebienali.com/en/